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  1. Prepare a mockup of your desired site with responsive HTML (preferred) or in photoshop 
  2. Prepare the assets needed to build the theme

    (tick)ResourceSize (Pixels W x H)FormatNotesExampleExample of placement on site

    Company Logo (Website)600 x 150PNGTransparent logo requested

    Email Header Image600 x 100PNG

    This image is used as a header for emails that are sent out of the Learndot

    Course Banner (default)1200 x 400PNG

    Image RemovedImage Added

    Course Logo (default)200 x 200PNG

    Course Banner (Per Learning Component Type)1200 x 400PNG

    Image RemovedImage Added

    Course Logo (Per Learning Component Type)200 x 200PNG

    Course Banner (unique per course if desired)1200 x 400PNG

    Image RemovedImage Added

    Course Logo (unique per course if desired)200 x 200PNG

    Company Logo (Learner UI)
    PNGOften similar to website company logo but with different dimensions, transparent logo requested

    Image RemovedImage Added

    Favicon16 x 16 / 32 x 32PNGSkin.Favicon

    View file

    Learner UI Banner1200 x 400PNG

    Default User Profile Picture200 x 200PNG

    Proof of Completion1101 x 779PNG

    This is used for proof of completions generated and emailed to users.