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Your Learndot site, which uses a cloud-based infrastructure has two other forms of supporting sites, each meant for a specific use case. These two sites come in the following forms:

  • Staging site
  • Sandbox site

Staging Sites

A staging site is primarily managed by ServiceRocket for its own testing use like pre-production features and updates. Staging sites can be used to test out new releases before they reach your production site, but because it is primarily a testing site, it may become unavailable at any time. And also, the data on this site can be purged, or rebuilt as the need presents itself. 

If you require a standby site to perform pre-flight checklists, a sandbox instance can be purchased and used.

Since staging sites are handled and commanded by ServiceRocket, any sort of support is not available for staging sites.

We do not recommend customers use the staging sites as their pre-production readiness instance. 


The data stored in staging sites are never permanent and it can be modified, overwritten or even deleted at any time without any prior warning or permission.

Sandbox Sites

As a Learndot customer a sandbox environment is included in your subscription. Please reach out to our team to ask for a Sandbox to be created. The sandbox site is still primarily managed by ServiceRocket. And because of that, it becomes your own environment! A sandbox site is extremely useful if you want to execute pre-flight checklists and test out other features, system settings, and training content.

Sandbox sites are updated to match the version of the Learndot site. So while we won't touch your database, the application itself will continue to change and evolve.

Support is available for Sandbox sites depending on the severity of the issue.


More than one sandbox site come at an additional cost. To get one for yourself or to learn more, please get in touch with us using our success portal and ask a question. 

Learndot Upgrades and Refreshing Content

The following table gives an overview of how staging and sandbox sites can be used. It outlines if the environment is a premium feature (paid site), the schedule for Learndot Enterprise application upgrades and how often the content (or database) will be refreshed from the production site.

EnvironmentURLPremium FeatureUpgradesContent Refreshed
Productioncompanyname.trainingrocket.comYesEvery 2 weeks (in scheduled maintenance windows)Never
Sandboxcompanyname-sandbox.trainingrocket.comYesEvery 2 weeks (with production updates)On request

Password Protection

Both staging and sandbox environments are protected with simple-authentication to avoid customer confusion and search engines indexing test content. To obtain access, please contact our Support Team



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