In an effort to put the face behind each course, we have come up with Expert Profile pages. Each Expert can have one. The information on Expert Profile comes from Contacts Expert tab. By default, Biography is shown, unless you (a staff user) override it in Public Info and Additional Public info. Public Info is also displayed on the Course Event pages.

Enabling Experts features

To enable any of the following features:

  • Login to your Administration UI.
  • Navigate to System > Set up > System Settings.
  • In the search bar, Type one of the features (below) you like to enable.
  • Click on Edit.¬†

Adding HTML in Biography fields

For security reasons, Experts cannot enter any HTML in their own Biography, these fields can have HTML in them, if edited by a Staff User. 

To enable this feature, enable the following System Setting:



The Course Event pages can now show ratings, for all Instructor (i.e. Expert), Course and Location.

To enable this feature, enable the following System Setting:


Listing Courses Instructors 

You can also show all the experts who teach a particular class on the course page. It will list instructors who have taught it in the past, or are scheduled to teach it. The System Setting for that is: