Google Custom Search App

Using Google Custom Search App you'll be able to search for webpages using our Site Search functionality to find Learning Components or relevant content to view or purchase.

Please be informed that this service is ONLY available to existing customers. Any new customer will not have access to this feature. According to Google, this feature will be deprecated. However, Learndot offers great alternatives, just talk to your CSMs and they will gladly help you out!.

Steps To Setup A Google Public API Browser Key

In order to enable google custom search for Learndot, you will need to enable the Google Custom Search API, and generate an API key to use it.

Step 1 - Enable Google Custom Search API:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select your project. If you need to create one, follow instructions from Google 
  3. Navigate to APIs.
  4. Click on Custom Search API
  5. Click on Enable

Step 2 - Generate Key

  1. Go to APIs & auth > Credentials
  2. Under Public API access, click on Create New Key
  3. Select "Browser Key"
  4. The field for "url referers" is where you put URL pattern of website that you will allow to call the google custom search API (web sites).
    Example: if your Learndot instance runs on, you can put * (It allows you to include all subdomains)
  5. Save and copy your new API key (you will use it to setup Google Custom Search integration in Learndot)

Step 3 - Generate Custom Search Engine ID

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on "New Search Engine"
  3. Enter the url pattern of the website that you will allow to call the google custom search API
    Example: if your Learndot runs on, you can put * (It allows you to include all subdomains) 
  4. Give the search engine a meaningful name.
  5. Click on Create
  6. Following this Browse to "Look & Feel" and click on "Save & Get Code"
  7. Copy the "cx" value from the script code See example below copy the bold value. We will use this later when setting up custom search in LDE
    var cx = '010009767716934843272:agijolhfm-s'; 

Configure Google Custom Search

In order to integrate Google Custom Search in Learndot, you need to create a new system setting proceed:

Step 1

  1. Login as administrator to your Learndot instance
  2. Navigate to /admin/system_setting/search.html
  3. Either Search for "" or if it doesn't exist yet Click on the New button to start creating a new system setting


    An instance restart is required when a new system setting is created. The system setting will be be active otherwise.

  4. Fill the form with values below:
    1. Enabled: YES
    2. Name:
    3. Type: String
    4. Value: <API key generated from Google Developer Console>
    5. Description: <give an explicit description that will help you remind what this system setting is for>
    6. Click on Save

Step 2

  1. Navigate to /admin/system_setting/search.html
  2. Search for "" and edit the system setting.
  3. Add in the cx value from your Google Custom Search Engine - See step 3 in previous section to get the cx Id.
  4. Paste the cxId in and click on Save.

Step 3

  1. Navigate to /site_search.html and search using a Keyword
  2. View the results