Copy of Creating a SCORM eLearning Package of a Youtube Video

Youtube Videos can be encapsulated into a SCORM eLearning Package and be added to a Product in Learndot Enterprise. In order to complete and pass the eLearning Package the whole video must be viewed. The progress of how far the video has been watched is also tracked.

Create a SCORM eLearning package of a Youtube Video

To create a SCORM eLearning package of a Youtube video and import it into Product:

  1. Login to the Administration Dashboard and navigate to Catalog > Products.
  2. Select a Product you wish to add the SCORM package too.
  3. Click on the 'Create SCORM package for Youtube Video' link underneath SCORM on the right hand side of the Product View screen.
  4. Enter the ID of the Youtube video you would like to use.
  5. Click on 'Create'.
  6. The SCORM Package should now be successfully imported into the Product.

Troubleshooting when trying to create Youtube SCORM eLearning Package

Could not create SCORM package from the specified YouTube video.
Caused by: No Google API key has been configured or you may have exceeded your unregistered-access limit. Please create or update the "" System Setting with your Google API key.

If you hit into the error above while trying to create the Youtube SCORM eLearning Package, please make sure that you have the Google API key configured in your system setting. You can get the Google API key from Google Developer Console > APIs & auth > Credentials > API keys. Please check our documentation.

Follow the steps below to add the Google API key

  1. Login to the Administration Dashboard and navigate to Setup > System Settings
  2. Search to confirm whether "" exist in the list
  3. If there is no result, create new system setting by clicking on New button
  4. Fill in settings as required and click "Save"

Viewing a Youtube Video SCORM eLearning Package

To View a Youtube Video SCORM eLearning Package of a Product in Learndot Enterprise:

  1. Purchase the Product and confirm the order.
  2. Browse to the My Account screen by clicking on 'My Account'.
  3. Click on the Product to Launch the SCORM eLearning Package.
  4. The SCORM Package will load in a pop-up window and the Youtube video will start playing.
  5. Once the whole Video has been played through the Course will now be Complete and the Contact has successfully passed the eLearning Course.
  6. You can see the new Achievements by browsing to your My Account page. 
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To find the ID, simply look at the URL of the youtube video, it should appear in a format like, the ID of the video is the XXXXXX part of the URL).