Configuring TNS Payments Gateway


The following tutorial will guide you through configuring TNS as a Payment Gateway in Learndot. It assumes you have an existing TNS account. You can find more information about TNS at

Enable TNS as a Payment Gateway Option

  • Login to Learndot as an Administrator
  • Navigate to System > Setup > System Settings 
  • Search for "TNSPaymentGateway.feature.switch", using the search bar at the top of the screen

  • Click on the Edit icon
  • Set Enabled to ON, and Value Yes, as below:

Create a new Payment Gateway

  • Login as a learndot Administrator 
  • Navigate to SystemPayments > Payment Gateways configuration screen
  • Click on Add New Payment Gateway button

  • Search for the option TNS as your Payment Type

  • Click Next and enter the Name for the new gateway. This will be presented to customers as a payment option when completing checkout. 

A good default value is – Credit Card

  • Also enter the Merchant ID and API Key, which you can get from your TNS account manager, then hit Save

  • You will be returned to the payment gateways configuration screen

Test Transactions

You're all set! Its worth running a test transaction to make sure everything is in order. For more information on Learndot Enterprises Ecommerce engine see – Ecommerce

Having trouble configuring the gateway? Contact our Learndot Enterprise Support team