Email Verification and Validation

Email Verification

In relation to the latest update of Learndot, Administrators are encouraged to enable the option of User Identity Verification. If configured, each contact must verify their identity. New Accounts created will automatically be asked to verify their Identity, however, you have the option to be reminded a week later to perform the verification. 

Reminders will be sent once a week until the account owner has verified their email address.

Administrator View

You will need to have Administrative privileges, since the User Identity Verification can only be turned on from the System settings by an Administrator. Follow the instructions below to enable the verification process: 

  • Login as an Administrator
  • Navigate to System >Setup> System Settings
  • Copy and Paste into the Search bar 

  • Click search

  • Click the Edit Icon

  • Set 'Enabled' parameter to Yes
  • Set 'Value' parameter to Yes
  • Click Save


This setting will cause all unverified Contacts to see a highly visible prompt in their Dashboard weekly or until verified.

Learner View

After successfully registering as a learner, the verification box as seen below will be prompted upon login. This box will be visible until the learner has verified their email address. 

Verifying your Email. 

As a learner, you will receive an email in your inbox, with a link to verify your identity. Clicking on the link will verify your email address, in turn confirming your identity. Remember to check your spam or junk mail folder in case you are unable to find the mail in your inbox.

If the email has not arrived, simply click the Resend Verification button as indicated below and a green pop up box will appear informing that the verification email has been resent. 

  • Click the 'Resend Verification' to resend the verification mail


  • Click 'Remind Me Next Week' to be close the pop up and be reminded a week later
 Check your spam or junk mail folder in case the mail can not be found in your Inbox.
  • Find and open the email within your mail client
  • Click the link enclosed in the mail

  • After clicking the link, you will be redirected a new page and you will be greeted with a green pop up box stating your email address has been successfully verified

Notice the Icon next to your email address has changed to a tick, indicating your email address is now verified.