Catalog Groups


Catalog Groups allow Learndot administrators to group learning components in way that's logical for your organization. By this feature, your organisation will be able to create exclusive catalogs. 

Currently Catalog Groups are used in the Custom Catalog Views feature. 

Creating Catalog Group

To create a Catalog Group: 

  • Login into Learndot as an Administrator
  • Click System > Access and Security Catalog Groups
  • Enter a Name for the Catalog Group

  • Click Add

Adding Learning Components

  • To add learning components to the Catalog Group, choose the learning component from the dropdown menu and click Add 

Removing Learning Components

  • To remove learning components from the Catalog Group, click on the 'X' icon of the learning component you would like to remove

A learning component can belong to multiple Catalog Groups.

If the Administrator removes a learning component from Learndot, it will also be removed from any Catalog Group(s) it belonged to.