Custom Catalog Views


This feature allows the Learndot Administrator to configure and control visibility of training offerings for different audiences.

This is a very flexible feature that offers a lot of possibilities. 

This is also a great way to create targeted and exclusive catalogs, which allows your organization to create catalogs that may only be visible to your partner's but not the general public. Furthermore, it can be used to create Market excitement, by creating trial access (e.g Catalogs that are only visible for a fixed duration, for instance 30 days).

Key Concepts 

  1. User Group
    A User Group is a collection of Contacts grouped together in a way that is logical for your organization. 
    Custom Catalog Views employs User Groups to offer targeted / exclusive views for different audiences, those audiences being defined by the User Groups. 
    Any Contact who is either not logged in, or not in any User Group, is considered a Public User. 
  2. Catalog Group
    A Catalog Group is a collection of training materials or content. 
    Custom Catalog Views employs Catalog Groups to offer targeted / exclusive views of selected content for different audiences. That content selection is defined by the Catalog Groups. 
    When a learning component  is added into a Catalog Group, it is no longer visible to the Public User - it is now exclusively visible for the defined target audience. 
  3. Visibility
    An Administrator can define the visibility between User Groups and Catalog Groups, to configure and control "who can see what". 

  4. User Verification
    While any Contact can be added to a User Group, only Contacts with a verified email can see exclusive content. This is to preserve the security of the exclusive content. 

Global Setup & Configuration

This is a one-time configuration required before Custom Catalog Views can be enabled. 

Step 1: Enable Verification Prompts 

Custom Catalog Views only displays exclusive content to verified contacts. To encourage learners to verify their email, administrators are encouraged to enable verification reminders (see below).

Newly created contacts will automatically be asked to verify their Identity. Once the verification reminders are turned on, all contact will be reminded to verify every week, until they have done so.

Please click here for more detail & screenshots about turning on verification reminders. 

We highly recommend turning on these reminders before enabling the Custom Catalog View feature. 

Step 2: Setting up User Groups

Here you can create a group of Contacts with the goal of granting that group exclusive access to a custom view. Refer to the User Groups page to learn more about the setup and management of a User Group. 

Both verified and unverified Contacts can be added to User Groups. However, only verified Contacts can see exclusive content.

When an unverified Contact is added to a User Group, a note will be displayed:

"User <User Name> has been successfully added to User Group <User Group Name>, but access will only be granted after the email address is verified".

If the Administrator removes the Contact from the system, the Contact will also be removed from any User Group(s) they belonged to.

Step 3: Setting up Catalog Groups

Here you can group a collection of learning components with the goal of offering exclusive views of those learning components. Refer to the Catalog Groups page to learn more about the setup and management of Catalog Groups. 

Step 4: Setting up Visibility between User Groups and Catalog Groups 

Now that User Groups and Catalog Groups are setup, populated, and available - it's time to set up visibility relationships between them!

To set up a relationship between User Groups and Catalog Groups, start with an existing catalog group:

    • Navigate to Catalog Groups and select the desired Catalog Group from the list 
    • Enter the User Group(s) for which this Catalog will be made visible.  Multiple User Groups can have visibility to one Catalog Group
    • Enter the duration of the exclusivity using the "Until" field (optional)
    • Click Add

Once the "date of exclusivity" has passed, the learning components in this Catalog Group will no longer be visible to the Contacts associated with that User Group. 

Step 5: Enable the feature 

It's time to turn the feature on! 

Go to:

  • System> Access & Security →  Custom Catalog Views

Enabling / turning Custom Catalog Views ON will cause all content within the Catalog Groups to now be exclusive, i.e. removed from the Public view.

Only Contacts in the related User Groups will now be able to see the content.

Disabling / turning Custom Catalog Views OFF will revert all previously exclusive content to Public visibility. All website visitors will now see all content listed within the Catalog Groups.

Individual learning component visibility settings will still be preserved but ignored.

Learner Experience

Verification is key

As an Unverified Learner, the Contact will see weekly reminders prompting them to verify their email address. These prompts will be visible until the Learner has Verified their email address. 

For more information, go here: Verification.

Verified Learners will see no such prompts, and will be assured of their verified status with a check-mark next to their email address.

How a Contact's Verification status & User Group membership affects their Catalog View 

The Learners view is dependant on their Verification status. If the Learner is Verified, he/she has full exclusivity of the training offerings in their User Group. However, this is not the case for an Unverified Learner in the User Group or a Learner not in the User Group. See the table below that differentiates amongst the three:

Verified Learner already in User GroupUnverified Learner already in User GroupLearner not in User Group

The Verified Learner sees the Catalog displays all Public and all Exclusive content in one view. Exclusive content features an additional label - "Recommended for you".

The Unverified Learner sees only Public content until they verify their email address. Once verified, they will instantly see all Exclusive content.

This Learner will only see Public content regardless of their verification status.