Localisation - Adding Google Translate to your site

Google Translate is a product that takes the text on a website and translates it into the user's selected language.

To add this service to your Learndot site:

  1. Visit: https://translate.google.com/manager/website/add
  2. Work through the steps provided on the pages
    1. Website Info:
      1. What is the URL of your website? <please put in your Learndot URL>
      2. Language: English
    2. Plugin Settings:
      1. Please choose the options that suit you best, or try the defaults
    3. Add Plugin:
      1. Copy the code provided in the box
  3. In Learndot, edit the blurb called: pageHeader (more on Blurbs)
  4. Paste the code from Google Translate into the pageHeader blurb and press save
  5. View the landing page and test out the translate button
  6. Feel free to re-position the HTML and style with CSS as needed