WebEx lets you hold interactive training sessions – right from your desk without the need for IT support. Save time and travel costs by moving your training program online.

App Aim 

It is important to first understand the purpose of the integration and what problem it will solve. The purpose of this plugin is to:

  • Allow Training Managers or Instructors to quickly schedule Public Classes or Engagements in Learndot and push them to WebEx

  • Reduce duplication of effort  - don't need to create sessions in both systems
  • Avoids accidental manual errors in the session creation process, especially for complex events. 

Setup & Configuration

This is a one-time configuration required before the WebEx Integration can be enabled. 

Pre-configuration Requirements 

The following information is required before Learndot can connect to WebEx.

Please work with your WebEx Account Manager to acquire / confirm these details: 

WebEx Username and Password
  • WebEx account used to schedule classes
  • Currently support pushing events to a single WebEx account only, not multiple WebEx accounts
Site ID
  • This is something you'll need to ask your WebEx distributor for.
  • To obtain a WebEx account for online interactive training, sign up at WebEx.

Connect to WebEx

To connect WebEx with Learndot:

  • Log in as an Administrator and navigate to System > Integrations →  WebEx:

  • Click on Update Options:

  • Enter the following details:
Enabled SwitchToggle switch to turn the Integration on or off.
Meeting Type
  • Meeting Center
  • Training Center

To learn more about the Meeting Types, see this.

WebEx Account ID

This is the WebEx user name.


This is the password related to the WebEx Account.

Site IDThis is a WebEx assigned identification number that uniquely identifies your website.
Site NameThis is the first string in your WebEx site URL, provided by WebEx. (e.g., acme.webex.com).

  • Click Save.

Administrators: Setting up a WebEx link for an event 

Now that Learndot is configured with the details of your WebEx account, it's time to use the integration to generate a virtual training session for your Public Class or Engagement.

However, a few things to know first:

  • WebEx does not support non-continuous events. 
  • Data syncing is only available from Learndot to WebEx, and not from WebEx to Learndot.
  • The "Push to WebEx" option is only visible for events with online locations.
  • When a virtual training session is created, Learndot sends WebEx the following information: Course Objectives, Event Name, Event interval(s) & duration(s). 
  • Once the session is created, WebEx sends Learndot a session ID. Learndot constructs a session URL that represents the entire virtual event. 
    (The same session URL will be used for all intervals of the same event.) 
  • If updating an existing online event, please be aware the WebEx reservation will not be automatically updated. 
    You'll be creating a new virtual training session for the updated schedule, and canceling the existing WebEx reservation. 


WebEx only supports single day or continuous events. For example, an event that runs on Monday between 8 - 10 AM or from Monday to Friday between 8 - 10 AM. 

WebEx does not support non-continuous events. For example, if an event is created with sessions on Monday 8 - 10 AM / Wednesday 8 - 9 AM / Friday 9 - 11 AM. The "Push to WebEx" button will be greyed out. To handle such event schedules, please create a separate Event for each day. 

As an Administrator, after you have set up your Public Class or Engagement, you can then generate a WebEx link to add virtual training to your event. To do this:

  • Click on the right-hand menu labeled "Push To WebEx" (only available for online locations):

  • Enter a Password if needed, else press Save. Note: This step is Optional.

If this is your first time generating a WebEx link, you will be required to log in with the WebEx Account used during initial setup. This authorizes Learndot to create the WebEx Meeting on your behalf. 

Once authorized, you will either see a success message stating that the WebEx link was created, with a link to view the meeting in WebEx -  or an error message if the link was not created successfully. 

If the link was successfully generated, the Event's comment section will be updated with the newly generated session link. The event's Session URL field will also be updated. 

The WebEx session will be created in the timezone of the event's location. However, Learndot and WebEx may use different terminology for the same timezone. For example - Learndot's "US/Central" timezone maps to WebEx's "Mexico City" timezone - both are GMT -06:00.

Instructors: Running a virtual WebEx event

As an Instructor, upon login you will be presented with your personalized Instructor Dashboard. This complete Dashboard has all you need to jump right into your Virtual Event.

You have a compact view of all upcoming classes, a calendar view, profile, calendar feeds, and forums.

Starting the Virtual event

After logging in, the Calendar and the "Up Next" portions provide the quickest way to begin.

To find your virtual event:  

  • Click on the Calendar entry or the ID under the Up Next portion.

  • Click on the URL in the comments section.

  • You will be directed to the WebEx session. 
  • Click on the link that says, 'start your meeting'.

  • Verify your identity -  enter your WebEx Username and Password. 

  • If prompted, download and install any necessary add-ons.
  • The virtual training session will now begin. 

WebEx Calendar View

As an Instructor, you can easily find all your scheduled meetings in WebEx. Simply:

  • Navigate to Search Meetings

  • Now, you can filter all Meetings using a Daily, Weekly or Monthly view
  • Find your Meeting and hit start

Learner: Attending a virtual WebEx event

So, you are a Learner and need to attend a virtual WebEx event? Just log in to Learndot with your username and password, and follow the steps below:

Launching the WebEx event via your Dashboard

Your Learndot Dashboard will show you all the various types of learning you are enrolled in. 

  • Find your Event and click View Details. 

  • Click 'Join WebEx' to launch Meeting.

  • You will be redirected to the WebEx session. 
  • If the session has not begun yet, the status of the Meeting will be "Not Started".

  • Else, if the WebEx session has begun, the status of Meeting will be "Started"
  • Enter your Name and Email Address
  • Press Join

  • Success, you have joined the WebEx meeting, it's time to get learning. 

Email Notifications - Registration & Reminders

As an enrollee into a virtual event, you will also receive an email with the session details. which can be viewed via your email client or within your Learndot inbox.

  • In Learndot, you can find the email by logging into your Learner account and clicking on the mail icon (Inbox).

  • The Event Instructor may also choose to send you reminder emails.  These emails also can also be found via your Learndot Inbox or email client.