Learndot is now partnering with SiteSearch360 to offer a highly customizable search engine that can be added to your Learndot website.

Package Types

Learndot's integration with SiteSearch360 is fairly simple, you don't need skills of an expert to integrate it with your Learndot website. And with that in mind, Learndot offers these two packages for you to decide from:

  1. Packaged Search 
  2. Managed Search

Let's discuss in slight detail what these two packages include, in order to help you make the right choice. 

Packaged Search

Simply put, packaged search gives you the ability to add the search engine to your Learndot platform, with full search functionality included.

Who is it for?

This choice is appropriate if you are looking for standard search functionality without any complex business needs to be met via search.  

What's included?

As part of this package:

  • Learndot will install a theme-appropriate search box on a Learndot page of your choice.
  • Have default options installed for the search bar, including the look & feel, and how the search results are displayed.
  • You receive as many search queries as you need - queries are never limited!
  • Internal Notes (Sam)
    • This implies Learndot needs to absorb the financial cost when customers move from one tier to another. 
    • SiteSearch Pricing Page - here are the tiers
    • IMO this is a better experience for customers, and for us to position it as "all you can eat". Also it makes us partners in success, and not "penalize them" for their growth. 
  • You will receive access to your search administration console; you will be maintaining and managing the wellness and optimization of your Learndot's search. 
  • You will receive basic support from the Learndot support team. (More on that below.)

Packaged search will give you access to the full, and rich, functionality available within SiteSearch360's product:

  • Administrator Dashboard: This is where you can manage and control the configurations for your search engine. 
  • Analytics: This portion of the dashboard gives you the power to view what content is being search and in what frequency, at the same time it lets you decide whether your content needs adjustments or not. 
  • Indexed pages: Nobody likes to wait, search suggestions are quicker and Pages of your Learndot website will be indexed for faster search.
  • Content Synchronization: Page(s) of your Learndot website are synchronized at a scheduled interval.

Support Options: 

  • Learndot Support responses will be limited to explanations of default configurations and functionality. 
  • For further assistance on more complex use cases and questions, you will be redirected SiteSearch360's own support channels.  


Package Search is offered at no cost, and included in your Learndot subscription. 

Managed Search 

Who is it for?

This choice is more appropriate if you have detailed business needs and high-impact goals related to your search functionality. 

What's included? 

Managed Search includes everything within Packaged Search, PLUS the following offering to help you get the most out your search, with the least effort: 

  • Dedicated Consultation: In order for you to achieve the search engine optimizations that you would like, you will have a team of experts committed to helping you succeed with your goals.
  • We offer upto 20 hours of customized consultation and implementation each year, to achieve the business goals you require from your search functionality. 

Support Options:

  • All Support Options included with Packaged Search...PLUS
  • Extended Support: Our own Learndot Support team will be to assist you with all your complex scenarios and use cases; we will partner with the SiteSearch360 team where needed on your behalf. 


Managed Search is offered at the cost of $2000 / year.  

If more than 20 hours are needed, customers will be charged at ServiceRocket's standard TIme & Materials agreement. 

Internal Notes (from Sam):

  • Implementation hours are charged at $250/hr; 20 hours would be $5000. 
  • I've suggested $2000 because there's a good possibility that customers won't need or use 20 hours
  • Further, $2000 seems more reasonable for a "standard" service like search that customers expect routinely.