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Our self-paced courses are the best way to get started on how to use Learndot as an Admin.

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How to create a self-paced course


Let learners take your training on their own time and at their own speed using self-paced courses. Create a course with a blend of training content that can include videos, SCORM packages, articles, and more.

Total time spent on this training

30 minutes

Course Outline

  1. Adding a video

  2. Uploading a SCORM package

  3. Creating an article (text component)

  4. Adding resources to supplement training content

  5. Provisioning virtual lab environments

  6. Constructing a course

  7. Pricing your course

  8. Sending a survey to gather feedback


How to set up an instructor-led training


Instructor-Led Training can prove to be one of the most effective ways to deliver information about your products and services. It allows for real-time feedback, Q&A, and is constantly evolving and manipulating to meet the needs of a particular audience. 

ILT's can be managed and run in Learndot on all scales-whether it is a public class held at your office or an online webinar broadcast to the masses, the choice is yours.

Total time spent on this training

35 minutes

Course Outline

  1. Adding onsite and virtual class locations

  2. Creating providers to deliver training

  3. Setting up onsite public classes

  4. Setting up virtual public classes

  5. Adding a private engagement

  6. Managing attendance and classes as an instructor

  7. Sending surveys to gather feedback

  8. Bulk importing events


How to manage enrollments


The course will help you understand how to manage learner enrollments and perform common tasks like cancellations, transfers, and bulk imports.

As a training manager, you need to know how to manage enrollments in the system so that you can help your learners when they have common questions such as 'Am I confirmed to attend this class?' ,'I can' make this class, can I transfer to a different one?' and so on. This course will answer these questions amongst others to prepare you for administering your instance of Learndot.

Total time spent on this training

20 minutes

Course Outline

  1. How to confirm if a learner is enrolled in training

  2. Manual enrollments

  3. Canceling and refunding enrollments

  4. Transferring enrollments

  5. Bulk importing enrollments


Salesforce App Integration


This course will help you understand what both directions of the integration do, Salesforce to Learndot and Learndot to Salesforce, and with a demo of how the connector operates, you'll be able to take advantage of this powerful integration and take your training administration to another level.

You'll also see what customizations can be done and what other customers have been doing with the connector.

Total time spent on this training

27 minutes

Course Outline

  1. Salesforce Connector Overview

  2. Salesforce to Learndot

  3. Learndot to Salesforce

  4. Demo

  5. Customizations and expanded use cases

  6. Customer Stories



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