Learndot Newsletter April 21, 2021

I'll get right to it.

Your customers will soon be able to speed up the playback speed on videos hosted in Learndot. We are releasing it on April 22nd. We know many of you waited a long time for this. It's finally here. And now that we have completed our infrastructure migration, we will be spending more time advancing Learndot so you can deliver education services your customers need.

Look for updated on our roadmap at our next Product Update Webinar scheduled for early May. Registrations details below. 


Bill Cushard
General Manager
Learndot by ServiceRocket

What's New

Here is a list of recent updates in Learndot:

  • TR-19256: SiteSearch360 crawler able to access and crawl pages with "No one" visibility.

  • TR-19402: Improve text in the "use limit" section of discount rule pages.

  • TR-19426: Reduce networkaddress.cache to 60s and update the database test query to detect read-only instances.

  • TR-19088: Schedule CoursePathwayEnrollmentPropagateJob in a transaction.

  • TRIS-2012: Video Player playback rate setting - speed options.

Did You Know

You can adjust how far out class dates will show on the calendar in the class schedule (public pages/website).

By default, Learndot shows 4 months in advance of classes scheduled, but this is something you can change to up to 18 months. And if the calendar is too long, you can have a scroll bar so users can scroll it.

To request that or learn more, please contact your CSM!

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April Events

Next User Group: April 27th at 12 PM PT with a focus on the topic of Partner Programs. If you’d like to attend this session, please contact your CSM to register.

Product Webinar: We’ll be reviewing what’s been delivered in Learndot and what’s in the roadmap during this quarter - May 12th at 10 AM PT. You can register here.

From the Blog

We have 3 new episodes released during March, waiting for you:

  • Mike Dowsey of CEdMA: In this episode, we talk to Mikey Dowsey from the Customer Education Management Association (CEdMA) on the new Certified Technical Training Manager Program (CTTM).

  • User Groups in a COVID world: Mel and Bill talk about user groups in a COVID world. We started a user group. Are software companies doing user groups anymore? Why/Why not?

  • Stephanie Pellegrino: In this episode, Bill and Mel talk to Stephanie Pellegrino, head of customer education and training at Gong.io

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