CloudShare App

CloudShare is a hosted solution specialized for training purpose using virtual IT labs where Virtual Machines (VMs) can be provisioned to give students an environment to do exercises in Learndot.


Learndot is training management platform which can be integrated with ClouShare, allowing Learners to conduct hands-on training via Virtual Machines (VMs) hosted and provisioned entirely on CloudShare. The VM is accessed from a web browser terminal provided by CloudShare.

App Aim

The purpose of this connector is to allow Training Managers or Instructors to set-up Virtual Machine environments for students to perform exercises. 


No data is shared about the Enrollment between CloudShare and Learndot. Only the expiry information is shared to make sure the learner can use the environment only on the allowed period of time.

Setup and Configuration

To integrate and successfully use CloudShare, complete this one-time configuration. 

Pre-configuration Requirements

The following information is required before CloudShare can be connected to Learndot.

Contact your CloudShare account representative to find out these details. However, you may skip this step if you already have a CloudShare account.



CloudShare User API ID

This username identifies your Account with CloudShare.

CloudShare API key

This is a secure key connecting to CloudShare.

Step 1: Connect to CloudShare

To begin, we need to establish a connection between CloudShare and Learndot:

You must have the User API ID and API Key before connecting to CloudShare.

  • Navigate to System > Integrations →  CloudShare:

  • Click on Update Options:

  • Toggle the Enabled switch to ON
  • Enter the User API ID
  • Enter the API Key

  • Next, update the configuration by click the Update Options:

  • Select a Project > Press Save

A Project has to be created in CloudShare. It is essentially a defined set of:

  • Resources (RAM and disk space) from which environments can be created, and·

  • Users who can access those resources and perform actions permitted by their project role.

Every blueprint, environment, and environment policy belongs to a project. Find out more here

  • That's all! You have now configured Cloudshare with Learndot:

Step 2: Setting up Virtual Machines (VMs) in Learndot

Now that the connection has been set between Learndot and CloudShare, let's create Virtual Machines (VMs) Environments in Learndot. To do this:

2.1: Create a Virtual Machine Resource

  • Navigate to Catalog > Resources → Virtual Machines:

  • Create a New Virtual Machine Resource by clicking on New:

  • Enter the Name for the Virtual Machine Resource
  • Select the Provider as CloudShare

This dropdown will show all available options, if both (Skytap and CloudShare) integrations are enabled. If only one of them is enabled, then that will be the only available option. And, if none of them are enabled, a warning will be displayed stating the Virtual Machine resource could not be created.

  • Select the Blueprint
  • Select the Policy 

Learn more about Blueprints and Policy here

A success message will be prompted after the Virtual Machine Resource has been successfully created:

2.2: Create a Content Component

Navigate to Catalog > Learning Components →  Content:

Create a New Content Component > Press Save:

A success message will be prompted after the Virtual Machine Resource has been successfully created:

2.3: Associate the Resource to the Content Component

Continuing from the screenshot above:

  • Associate the Content Component with the Virtual Machine Resource created previously:

Click the dropdown and select the Virtual Machine Resource as the Content.

Configure the Access to "Unique copy for each enrollment".

Configure any other parameters if desired:

A Success message will be prompted after the Resource has been associated with the Content component:

Congratulations! You have successfully created the Virtual Machine Resource, Content Component, and associated the Virtual Machine Resource to the Content Component.

Learner Experience

Launching the Virtual Machine Resource

Once the Administrator has performed all of the configurations, the Learners can access these Virtual Machines when they enroll in the Component. 

Navigate to the Learner Dashboard and open the Course Component

Depending on the configuration set by your Administrator, you may get a warning message as such informing you when the VM will expire

A new window will load the Virtual Machine. Please be patient as it loads

Your progress is saved if you decide to leave the VM resource mid-learning. Upon returning back, instead of "Launch" you will have a "Resume" button


The Virtual Machine will not be available to the learner if it has been deleted in CloudShare, either by its expiration policy or manually by the CloudShare Administrator.