Hosted Videos and Analytics


Upload video content directly to Learndot with a one-click solution. Detailed interactions with the videos (such as play, pause, completion) are captured and reported so that customers are able to understand learner engagement behavior and measure effectiveness 

Important Notice

Note : This is a Paid Feature on Learndot's end which is not enabled by default. If you are interested to know more on this, please do reach out to .

Getting Started

The following guide explains how an Administrator can upload videos natively to Learndot, and how Learners are able to watch the videos. 

Key Concepts

Take note of the following when using Hosted Videos and Analytics. 

  • The uploaded videos are transcoded and always streamed at 720p resolution
  • The eLearning component can only have one video at a time, uploading a new video will overwrite an existing one. However, the enrolment status remains unchanged 
  • Learners may see an error message if the video file type is not supported
  • Learners must watch at least 95% of the video in a single session to mark the component as completed
  • Learners are not able to continue from where they left off

Administrator: Uploading a Video

Follow the below steps to quickly create an eLearning component and upload a video directly to Learndot.

Step 1: Create or Modify an eLearning component 

Lets get started! To upload a video:

  • Navigate to the eLearning component > Click New (or modify an existing eLearning component by clicking the Edit icon) 

  • For illustration purposes we will create a new eLearning component. Whilst creating the eLearning component, ensure that:
    • All mandatory fields are filled with correct details.
    • Marked Completed By is set to "Learner cannot mark complete; needs to complete the eLearning"

  • Press Save to create the eLearning component

Step 2: Upload the Video 

After creating the eLearning component, as an Administrator, proceed to upload the video by:

  • Selecting Upload Video File from the right panel menu 

  • Click Upload Video File

Maximum video file size is 1 GB per video. Current video file format support includes: .flv, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .ogg, .webm, .wmv

  • Click Choose File > Select the file from your local computer > Press Save

  • The progress bar indicates the upload status and once complete, the page will redirect you back to the eLearning component page

  • Video Section is displayed with the video's unique identifier (UUID)

A success message is shown once the upload has completed. If anything goes wrong during the upload phase, an error message will be displayed.

Notice how the "Upload SCORM" options from the right panel have disappeared. This is because, once a video is uploaded, it can only be replaced with another video. 

  • At this point, the video has been successfully uploaded and has been queued in our backend system for processing and transcoding. After the transcoding is complete, the video is available for viewing

Learner: Playing the Video

As a Learner, once you have enrolled into the eLearning component that has a video, you can start the video as soon as it is available after transcoding:

  • Navigate to your learner dashboard > Select the eLearning component card > Click Start eLearning

  • Upon opening the eLearning component, the video player will directly load the content if it has finished transcoding. 
  • Press the onscreen Play button to begin streaming the video content


You must complete watching the video in one session to mark it "complete" 

  • Upon refreshing the eLearning component, it will be marked "Complete"

After the enrolment status is marked complete, another view by the learner is considered as a "rewatch" / "review"

  • After completing the eLearning component, you can still find it under the completed tab in your learner dashboard