Custom Redirect


Custom redirect feature allows the learndot administrator to configure redirects to internal or external pages from within Learndot. 

How does the Custom Redirect work?

Custom Redirects allow the administrator to redirect any internal Learndot page to another internal Learndot page or an external third party page. 

Configuring Custom Redirect

As an administrator, navigate to the administrator panel:

  • System > Access & Security > Custom Redirect

  • Click New to set up a new Custom Redirect

  • Configure the Custom Redirect to your preference
    • Enabled toggle switch: Turn ON the enabled toggle switch to make sure the Custom Redirect takes effect
    • Pattern: Include a link which when navigated to, would force a redirect
    • Destination: This is the destination URL for the redirect
    • Status code: This allows you to move the link permanently, or temporarily

  • Press Save to confirm the Custom Redirect

  • This means, each time a user would go to the about-us page, they will get redirected to an external site.