Running an Internal Training Program or Partner Training Program with Learndot

When using Learndot to roll out your paid training program, you may find that there is a need to run Internal training courses to help onboard your team members as they join the company.

Features to use:

  • User Groups - to represent the internal users who should see the extra courses
  • Custom Catalog Views - associates the content to the special catalog view i.e. the learner can see the additional content on their /catalog page
  • Knowledge Categories - "Internal Training" used to group the content in the catalog view, and also to make it easier to administer and separate internal content from public content


  • You will need to be an administrator to configure this use-case


  • Log in as an administrator to the Admin Console i.e /admin
  • Enable the feature, Custom Catalog Views, at: <your_base_url>/admin/system_setting/custom_catalog_view
  • Create the Knowledge Category called "Internal Training" or similar
    • Tip: You may want to add a description to the Knowledge Category that describes the content and explains it at a high level for the learners, this will appear on the /catalog page above the content.
  • Create a Catalog Group, called "Internal Training Catalog Group"
  • Create the Content (courses or learning components)
    • Important note: set the visibility of the components and courses to "Custom (based on catalog group)", and select the Catalog Group you created, i.e. Internal Training Catalog Group
  • Create a User Group called "Internal Training User Group", and add members
  • Double check the Custom Catalog Views page to ensure the right User Group and Catalog Group is configured

Accessing the Content:

  • NOTE: A logged in user will not see the custom catalog content unless they have verified their email address. Users must verify their email address to see Custom Catalog View content.
  • NOTE 2: You may wish to configure notifications to prompt the users to verify their email address
  • Login as a user in the User Group that has access to the extra courses
  • View the Catalog at /catalog
  • You should now see a new section in the catalog (which isn't visible when you log out, or view the catalog in incognito mode), called "Internal Training" i.e. the Knowledge Category name you used earlier

Further Options:

  • If you have Single Sign On (SSO) configured, you may wish to have users that follow a specific rule automatically added to a group when they login - this can make group membership and resource sharing more automatic 
    • Example: All users with an email address containing "" can be added into the User Group "Internal Training User Group" when they login to Learndot via Single Sign on
    • Important note: by default the user group membership will be manually managed, to reduce the administrative effort you can use Single Sign On rules or configure the group memberships to update via the API
  • You may wish to add a webpage that describes the program of the content that is offered, you can use a custom Content Page to do this, you may also wish to hide it with Visibility "Only users with the URL"