Kryterion App

Allow Training Managers or Instructors to set-up and deliver live, proctored exams online to your students and Test Takers.


Offer assessments and certifications via Kryterion's testing provider.

Use Case

The Kryterion App helps to keep in sync all the 3rd party proctored exams that are done via Kryterion's Webassessor. Once the integration is completed, any new scheduled exams in Kryterion and their enrollment details will get synchronized over to Learndot as a new Assessment component with all their enrollments and supporting details. A certificate can be configured to be issued via Learndot as well on successful completion. 

The information that Kryterion passes to Learndot once the exam is consumed by a learner is:

  • Status: completed or failed;
  • Completion Date: the date user completed the exam in Kryterion;
  • Created: the date the data was synced in Learndot;
  • Enrollment Date: same as above, the date the data was synced in Learndot (this is not the Registration Date from Kryterion).

Email address is the key for synchronization, our integration will create a new user if it receives a certificate with an email address that's not on Learndot.

Setting up Kryterion

As an Administrator, log in and navigate to the administrator panel. Then:

  • Select System > Integrations > Kryterion

  • Select Update Options

  •  Fill in the necessary details
    • Enabled: Set this to ON
    • Domain: Instance domain excluding protocol (http:// or https://). For example: ""
    • Security Token: This is generated or retrieved from Kryterion
    • Synchronization Frequency: Determine how often the Synchronization (Kryterion import) job should run
    • Primary Category: When the new imports are done, to which primary category should these assessments belong to?
    • Duration: What is the number of Days and Minutes per day of the assessment
    • Visible to: What is the desired visibility setting of this assessment

  • Once completed, press Save. The page will refresh and you will have completed the integration setup

How To Sync User Manually

As an admin, you are allowed to Sync User's manually from the administrator panel. Then:

  • Select System > Integrations > Kryterion

  • Select Synchronize User Options 
  • Input the Username which is the email address that is being used in Kryterion's end

How to use Kryterion once integrated with LDE

To use Kryterion as an exam in Learndot, you have to create an Assessment component and add the exam ID to it.

Go to Catalog, and under Learning Components, choose Assessments:

Click on New, and fill up the required information. Scroll down until you see the External Provider area. Choose "Kryterion" from the list, and add the External ID for this exam:

Click on Save.

Now you can sell this Assessment by itself on the Catalog, or insert it into a Course. Make sure you select Certifications to be on for Assessments, that way, once the learner passes the exam, Learndot will trigger a Certificate of Completion.