Deleting or Removing Learndot Entity


An entity in Learndot is a representation of an 'object', such as a Contact, a Course or a Location. Entities, and the relationships between them form the backbone of Learndot. You may like to remove some entities depending on how you see these entities and the relations among them and what fulfill your needs as an administrator as well as your customers.

Removing Entities 

When trying to remove a Learndot entity (such as a Knowledge Category), you may come across an error message such as "The operation you requested violates the integrity of the underlying data store". If you are trying to delete an entity, please first delete all other objects that may be referencing it.

Root Entities

Knowledge Categories are the root entity in Learndot, so in order to delete them, you will need to remove all of the sub-entities that depend on them.

The following entities need to be removed for a Knowledge Category before the Knowledge Category can be removed:

  • Forum
  • Course

Course objects have further children associated with them.