Setting Up eLearning Streaming Video Content Through Learndot Enterprise

Learndot Enterprise supports the delivery of eLearning streaming video content through use of specially configured Products. This page details the process of setting up a purchasable streaming content.


Common Video Formats

The most common formats are:

  1. Windows Media
  2. RealMedia
  3. Quicktime
  4. MPEG (in particular MPEG-4)
  5. Adobe Flash

Uploading the Content to Learndot Enterprise

Before we can make the content available, we first need to upload the video file to Learndot Enterprise.

  1. Log into the Administration UI and navigate to Content Management > Static Files. You should be presented with the Static File Manager.
  2. In the static file manager, navigate to private/content/. This is the directory where files delivered through Products can be stored.
  3. How the files in /private/content are organized is up to each organization to determine. It is suggested that you create a folder called 'video', and then make another folder inside 'video' with the name of the product the content is for. It is suggested that dashes are used instead of spaces in the folder/file names.
  4. If you used the recommended structure in step 3, you should now be in private/content/video/<your-product-name>
  5. Click the 'Choose File' button, and select the video from your local computer that you wish to make available. Once you've picked the file, press 'Upload'.


You can make a folder by typing the folder name in the textbox to the left of the 'Make Directory' button, and then pressing the button.


Creating a Product

Now, we need to create a product to 'hold' the video, so it can be delivered as normal through the Learndot Enterprise Web Store.

  1. Log into the Administration UI, navigate to Catalog > Products and click on the 'Create' button.
  2.  FieldDescription 
    Name*The name of the video you are making available, e.g. "Training Course 101 Recorded Webinar"
    Price*The price of the product. The default currency is USD. To set to a different currency, refer to Currencies.
    Category*This can be set to the predefined category Courseware, or if desired you can make your own.
    Summary A summary of the material being made available, e.g. "The streaming video of the Training Course 101 Webinar."
    DescriptionA brief description of the material being made available, e.g. provide a summary of the video content.
    *indicates a required field
  3. Look for the Shipping Method dropdown menu at the bottom. Select 'eLearning'.
  4. In the Shipping Characteristics section, look for the 'File Download' field. Use the 'Select' link on the right to open the Static File Manager in a popup. Navigate to the file you uploaded in the first stage, and use the green checkmark to select it. Once the checkmark is pressed, the popup should close and the field value should be filled.
  5. Save the product.

Granting Customer Access

After a customer has purchased the product, and the processing of the payment has been satisfactorily confirmed, the status for the payment will need to be updated to enable the digital content access to the customer.

  1. Navigate to Customers > Orders, select the order item of the list of orders. Click on the Payment item link to view the payment.
  2. Edit the Payment item, setting status to 'Processed' and save the Payment. The digital content is now accessible by the customer.

Accessing the Material as a Customer

After 'checking out' a video product, customers can access the content in the following way:

  1. Navigate to the 'My Account'/'My Profile' page.
  2. There will be a 'Digital Library' section, containing links to any purchased digital content that a customer is authorized to access.