Configure Stripe Payments (Manual Method and for testing purpose)


The following tutorial outlines how to manually configure Stripe as a payment gateways in Learndot . This process has now been replaced with the new automatic method, see Configuring Stripe Payments (Automatically with Connect)

Create a Stripe Account

To integrate Stripe with Learndot you'll need to have an existing Stripe payment account. If you don't have an existing Stripe account you may want to review the following.

Preview and test Stripe payments solution
Review pricing
Register for a Stripe account

On registration you will be able to accept test payments immediately (please note that you cannot start accepting live payments until you activate your account by specifying additional details including your bank account details).

Locate your Secret and Publishable Keys

Once logged into Stripe, simply open your account settings and then clicking on the API Keys tab to view your secret and publishable keys, there are 2 pairs of these, one for testing and the other for live payments.

Make a note of the two pairs of Secret and Publishable Keys as they will be used to configure Learndot with your Stripe account.

Configure Learndot to Process Payments using Stripe

To configure Stripe as a payment gateway, complete the following steps:

  • Login to the Learndot administration Dashboard
  • Complete the steps for configuring a global payment gateway as described here selecting STRIPE as the payment type (note do not select Stripe Connect) – Payment Gateways.

You'll need to specifiy your testing publishable and secret keys as per the following screenshot.

Make sure the "Publishable Key" and "Secret Key" fields don't have any extra space at the beginning or at the end - otherwise Stripe might complain and Credit Card payments wouldn't work correctly.

Testing the Integration

To test the integration, complete the checkout process for an order requiring payment. You should see the previously configured payment gateway in the list of payment options. To complete checkout, there are a number of test credit card numbers available from the stripe documentation site here -

Switch to the Live Keys

Repeat the process above using the Live API keys instead of the Testing API keys.