Creating Bundles for Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways can be bundled so all the included Steps can be purchased in one transaction when purchasing.

Create a Bundle for a Learning Pathway

  1. Log into the Admin Dashboard and select Certification > Learning Pathways.
  2. Click on a Learning Pathway within the list.
  3. Scroll down to the Bundles section within the Pathway and click on the Create Bundle Button.
  4. A table will appear displaying each Pathway item in the bundle and its Regular and Discounted Price. To alter the Discounted Price enter a discount amount in the discount field. The total Regular Price, Discounted Price and Discount is also displayed. 

  5. Once the form is complete click on Save Bundle to confirm your changes.
  6. The Learning Pathway can now be purchased as a bundle.
  7. The bundle is added to the Shopping Cart and purchased like any other item.
  8. Once the Transaction is complete the Pathway and its now will show up on the My Profile page under Enrolements > Pathways. The status of each Step is also shown.

  9. Once the required Steps have been completed the Pathway is now marked and displayed as Completed.

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