Manually Registering For Classes Or Making Purchases For Customers


Sometimes there's a need to manually register for training or making product purchases on customers' behalf. Some organization might want to make an order that's free, instead of paid orders. This tutorial outlines the steps to do so for both.


Ensure Contact is Registered 

Skip this step if the user already has a contact in Learndot's system. If the contact has not created an account on the website, you may:

  • Either request the contact to register normally 
  • Manually create an account for the user, to do so:
    • Login to Learndot as an Administrator 
    • Navigate to Customers > Contacts 
    • Click New
    • Fill up the form with the contact's details. Ensure that the Login - Enabled field is checked. With the latter option, the user can then reset his or her password to enable login

Take note of the user's exact first name and last name in the system to be used in the next step.

Create a Payment

There are two types of payments: Credit Card or Purchase Order Payments. For this need, it is recommended that Purchase Order Payment is chosen. Choose the appropriate payments at Administration > Customer > Payments Purchase Order Payments.

Fields to be filled when creating a payment:

  • AmountProcessed Amount - set to the combined total price of the order. E.g. if wish to register 2 courses with a combined fee of $200, set to $200. If wish to register the courses for this user for free, set to 0.
  • Status - set to 'New'.
  • First NameLast Name - set to exactly that as seen in the contact view under Administration, as noted earlier.
  • Purchase Order Number - If order fee is free, set to any random number. Otherwise, set the actual purchase order number. If the purchase order number is not known at this point, pick a random number so that it can be amended later. 
  • Other fields are optional.

Create an Order

Create an order quote under Administration > PaymentOrders > Quotes

Fields to be filled when creating an order:

  • Contact - link with contact
  • Status - set to 'New'
  • Payment - link with payment created earlier
  • Other fields are optional

Add Order Items

To add order items:

  • Scroll down to Shopping Cart section of the created order
  • click on 'New'

  • A pop up box appears - choose the appropriate item Type. Under Purchase field, choose the appropriate product/classes (press space to show a list of options)
  • Click Add to complete addition
  • Repeat until all items are added to this order

  • In the case of ordering for free, the order fee is to be waived by adding a discount. To do so, click on the button with the gear icon next to order's total amount

  • A pop up button appears - input the total order amount and reason.

Process Payment

Once the payment by the customer has been confirmed, or in the case of free registration 

  • Proceed to edit the payment created earlier 

  • Change Status to Fulfilled

  • An e-mail notification of purchase completion will be sent to the contact 
  • In the case of class registration, this will be get the user enrolled to the class
  • In the case of product purchase, this last step will activate the digital content for the user which can be viewed from the My Account page of the account

If the payment Status was set to 'Fulfilled' when the payment is first created, the product will not be activated at this point. If so, set the Status to 'New', save, then set to 'Fulfilled' again and save which then activates the content.