Purchasable Items


A Purchasable Item is simply an item that you can add into an Order within Learndot, currently this could be: a Course, an Engagement, a Class or a Product.

Purchasable Items have unique qualities as well as similarities, the similarities for all Purchasable Items are:

PriceThe standard (default) price for the Purchasable Item.
Purchasable RulesThe list of Purchasable Rules for this Item, these Rules can be used for a number of things including adjusting the default price for the Item, please refer to the Purchasable Rules documentation for more information
Purchasable FieldsThe list of fields to display to the customer when they add this Item to their Order, this can be used in conjunction with Purchasable Rules to allow dynamic prices based on the user's input (eg. Basic edition costs $100 and Deluxe edition costs $300)
Order LinesA list of all Order Lines which contains this Purchasable Item as the item they are purchasing, essentially this can be used to get a list of all of the purchases of a particular Purchasable Item

Introduced in Learndot Enterprise 3.0