Not only do you need to market courses and classes, you also need to sell them online. Learndot Enterprise includes a feature-rich and fully-integrated eCommerce engine that handles every aspect of the transaction process, from customer purchase to your bank account. 


Learndot Enterprise supports numerous currencies for the purchasable training content.

E-Commerce Data Model

Payment Gateways

Learndot processes payments for registration and product orders through configurable payment gateways. The following details how to integrate Learndot with one of the supported payment gateways. Learndot supports many payment gateways with new integrations being added all the time. Learndot also gives the customers the ability to configure global payment gateways and provider custom payment gateways.

Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart allows customers to purchase training content and register for events. It is the core of the Learndot Enterprise ecommerce platform.

Tax Calculation - Configuration

Tax Calculation - Configuration Testing

To verify your tax configurations, we provide a testing interface where you can input the necessary information and it will, based on your current tax settings, calculate the taxes applied on the item.

Tax Calculation - FAQ

Tax Calculation - Tax ID Validation Configurations

Tax Verification