Overview on Searching, Importing and Exporting

Powerful searching – drill down on your training data and find what you're looking for with Learndot Enterprise search features.

Entity Selector

The entity selector is a special field type you'll see in the Learndot administration which allows for the selection of other entities as a field value (e.g. selecting the Contact teaching an Event through its instructor field).

Exporting Entities

Learndot allows any entity to be exported to a various formats, so the raw data can be obtained and used in other systems. This tutorial is to guide you through the process of exporting entities and dealing with the exported data. 

Importing Entities

The import tool has been designed to allow staff contacts to bulk import entities into Learndot using a CSV file.

Searching Entities

Learndot provides flexible search mechanics to enable to locate, view, reference, and report on your training data. A key feature of this is the entity search screen which is explained in detail here.