Cloning Entities

Cloning an entity becomes useful when you want to replicate an existing entity, with a change of a small detail. For example, to quickly schedule the same event on different days of the month or at different locations.

Cloning from Entity View Screen

The clone button can be used when viewing an entity, and is found on the right sidebar. Pressing 'Clone' will take the user to a page containing a prefilled  Create Form with the details of the entity being cloned. This can be saved to create the cloned entity.

Cloning from Entity Create Screen

You can also clone as you create, making the creation of a group of similar entities far quicker. Simply select the 'Save and Clone' action from the dropdown menu attached to the Save button while in the 'Create' form for an entity, and Learndot will save the entity and then take you back to the editing screen, each field pre-populated with the cloned values.