Learndot Support

The Learndot Support team provides assistance to our customers for troubleshooting issues and general application inquires. The most effective way to get help with your Learndot site is to contact our helpful support engineers.

Contacting Learndot Support

The support team can be contacted by

Visiting our support portalhttp://support.learndot.com

The support portal is a publicly available site which can be used to view current and previously raised requests and share support information with other members of your organization. 

Support Availability

The Learndot team provide email support 9AM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday through to Friday, business days. We typically get back to your request within one business day. Support covers investigating possible bugs, providing work-arounds and answering questions on Learndot functionality. Additional consulting and training services can be provided on request (see Paid Features and Plugins below).

Triage Process

Our support team is always looking for ways to increase their visibility, shorten response times, identify and expedite escalations and raise the transparency with our customers. To that end, we've documented our triage policy here so that you can feel confident your support ticket is being handled correctly.

Ticket Classification

We classify support requests into three major categories:

Support – Enquiries, Incidents and Critical Bug Reports

This category includes general usage enquiries, issues which arise with our infrastructure and/or bugs which are causing a critical loss of functionality resulting in a significant business impact.

Tickets which fall into this category will generally be handled solely within our support portal and will remain open until resolved by a support engineer. In other words, these tickets will not be marked as resolved until your question has been answered or the issue has been corrected on your Learndot site.

Development – Feature Requests, Improvements and Minor Bug Reports

Tickets which are deemed by our support team to be a request for a new feature or improvement for Learndot, or are a minor loss to application functionality, are moved to our Learndot development tracking system.

The development issue tracking system is a private application used by our developers to plan and develop new versions of Learndot based on the input received from customer requests, product roadmap and paid features (see below).

As there are a number of factors which influence when a feature or improvement may get implemented, our support team will close these support tickets once they have been handed to the development team. This means your request will appear on the progress report and allows us to focus on providing high quality support. For more information on progress reports see below.

Implementation – Service Requests

If a ticket is beyond the scope of the two categories described above, it will generally be considered a service request. Examples of tasks that are considered service requests include: modifying the Learndot theme, configuring complex HTTP redirects, or assistance authoring dynamic blurbs.

Support team members will direct service requests to your customer success representative who will reach out to discuss the requirements in more detail. As with development requests, our support team will close these support tickets after registering them with our implementation team.

Ticket Status

There are a number of support statuses which we use to indicate the progress of a ticket. These are described below.

OpenIndicates acknowledgement of a support request and that our team is investigating the issue.
PendingA pending support ticket is defined as one in which our support team is waiting on the ticket requester to reply (you). Pending tickets will eventually automatically close due to inactivity, however our support system will first remind you by email that we're waiting on some additional information.
SolvedTickets which are solved are either considered complete by our support team or have been raised with the development team. See ticket classification descriptions above.

Progress Report

As part of being a Learndot customer, you will have access to a progress report indicating all development issues (service requests, features and improvements) our team are aware of relating to your specific site.

The report will give you an indication of the progress of your requests with our development team. Some issues will have been scheduled for an upcoming release and have a tentative release date, others will remain unscheduled. 

Where a workaround or existing functionality exists and can be used to resolve your request, a developer will contact to discuss. These issues are then typically resolved and will be shown as such in the report.

Paid Features & Plugins

Learndot has been engineered to provide flexible functionality and plugin points to allow customer specific functionality. We continue to improve these over time, however paid engagements are also offered if you require additional consulting or training services to answer questions not covered by support or to fast track a development request.

If you'd like to discuss a paid engagement for your site please contact our support team (above) who will direct you to an appropriate customer success representative.

Contacting Support

The support team can be contacted by email or visiting our support portal