Creating and Editing Entities


An entity in Learndot is a representation of a 'thing', such as Contact, a Course or a Location. Entities, and the relationships between them form the backbone of Learndot.

Creating Entities

When first logging in, at the top of the screen is the navigation bar in the Admin UI; you will see links to a variety of high level categories. After clicking on one of these categories, it will show you a list of entity types under that high level category. Clicking on one of the entity types will take you to a page showing a result set comprising of every instance of that entity.

At the top left of each of these pages is the Create button, as seen in the screenshot below.

Editing Entities

After creating entities you may need to edit them and make some changes, you can do this by clicking on the edit icon as shown in the screenshots below. 

You can also view the entity first to assure that you are editing the right one. 

  • Click first on the view icon


  • Then, click on Edit under Update