Need a hand or looking for a helpful how-to guide? We've complied a comprehensive of tutorials to ensure you get the most out of Learndot Enterprise.

Using Learndot Enterprise


Configuring Email Templates and Triggers

Configuring Learning Pathways


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    Configuring Available Languages — Scheduling an event in Learndot allows you to specify the language the training will be taught in. This list defaults to a standard set of languages but can be configured as outlined below.
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    Enable Geo-Awareness Learndot provides the ability to display the most relevant courses and events to the customers based on their geographical location. 
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    Enable Maxmind GeoIP Web Services with Geo-Awareness — MaxMind is a Premimum GeoIP Web Services subscription which can also be used with Geo-Awareness in Learndot. If you have a Licence to MaxMind you can enable and utilise MaxMind instead of the default IP lookup mechanism built into Learndot.
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    Running Internal and External Training Events with LDE - Partner Program Training or Internal Company Training — External training is run in the standard way with knowledge categories and events as public, or visible to everyone.

    Internal training is hidden using the field "

    NOTE: We can now use Custom Catalog Views to run internal training and partner training use-cases. Although if you want to list events on a custom page, you could still use this code (although we don't recommend it)

Interface Style Customisation

Configuring Coupons and Pricing Rules

Configuring SCORM eLearning Packages

Payment Gateways

Use Cases

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