Deployment Guide

Deploying Learndot Enterprise to Grow Your Training Business

This guide is designed to make launching Learndot Enterprise easy, so let's begin and get everyone aligned with a plan for success.

Overview of the Whole Deployment Process

This tutorial consists of five stages to guide and assist your deployment process.

Stage 1: Plan the Launch

In this step, we work to align your team and make the decisions required for your launch.

Stage 2: Prepare Learndot Enterprise

With the launch plan built, we now need to lay a foundation of technical and financial groundwork – by choosing a domain and setting up a payment gateway.

Stage 3: Configure Content

Building on our strong foundation, we begin populating the training event schedule, configuring the look and feel settings, and determining access to interfaces.

Stage 4: Pre-Flight Check and Launch

Next, we complete user-experience testing before launching. 

Stage 5: Continuous Improvements

Post launch, we keep in touch to help you get the most of new features and resources as they become available.

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