Entity Features


Learndot Enterprise includes a number of useful features to help you when working with entities. For more information on specific entity types, you may refer to our entity documentation.

Cloning Entities

Cloning an entity becomes useful when you want to replicate an existing entity, with a change of a small detail. For example, to quickly schedule the same event on different days of the month or at different locations.

Creating and Editing Entities

Note that some entities listed in the left sidebar are 'Grouped', signified by a dropdown arrow being present to the right-hand side of the entity name. You cannot create a new entity after clicking on a Grouped entity, you must instead use the dropdown to pick the specific entity type you wish to create an instance of.

Entity Actions

Entity Web Fields

All entities with a website view will include a common set of fields when editing them via the administration dashboard. These are outlined below.

Reordering Entities

Learndot entities can be manually reordered to control their positing on the public site by using the Reorder function from entity search screens.