Assessments are used to allow instructors to get a snapshot of the experience and expectations from Enrollments on their public classes. Assessments responses should usually be requested prior to a public class start date.

Assessment Form

Each assessment has its own unique URL which can be emailed to course enrollments from the relevant class page in the Learndot administration, typically of the format 

These URL links can be obtained from each Admin class view page:

To fill up an assessment:

  • Login as an Administrator
  • Choose the Event you would like to create an assessment for
  • On the right pane, Click Assessment under views

Example of an Assessment that will be filled by learners:

Assessment Responses

On submission of this assessment form, an assessment response will be created. Assessment responses can be used to generate reports for instructor reference. The list of assessment responses are located at:

 Admin > Reports > Assessment Responses


  • Navigate to the event you chose previously
  • Click on the view icon
  • On the right pane, Click Assessment Responses under Generate

Assessment Results sample: