Wait List


A wait list is a collection of customer contacts interested in attending a public class which has already reached its maximum capacity. Customers can add themselves to the event, to receive email updates when seats become available. Administrations are also able to add contacts to the Wait List through their Administration UI.


Once interested learners are successfully enrolled in the Public Class, they are automatically removed from the Wait List for that Public Class.

How do I get added to the Wait List?

If you are logged in

Go to the Public Class page on the Website, if the class has reached the maximum capacity, An "Add To Wait List" button appears. Click on this button to be added to the list.

If you are not logged in

Go to the Public Class page On the Website,  if the class has reached the maximum capacity, A form and an "Add To Wait List" button appear. fill up the form and click on this button to add yourself to the list.

How do I remove myself from the Wait List?

You must be logged in to remove yourself from the Wait List, simply visit the Public Class page on the Website, you should see a "Remove From Wait List" button to remove yourself from the list.


The Wait List functionality requires the Watcher Read/Write Permission, and is visible on all Public Classes in the Administration page.

System Settings

These system settings control the behavior of the Wait List functionality.

NameDescriptionDefault Value
training.event.watcher.enabledControls if the wait list functionality is enabled or disabled in the system, once disabled, the wait list will no longer be displayed in the website and administration interfaces.No
training.event.watcher.catalog.showControls if the Public Class page should display the number of people on the wait list or not.No
training.event.capacity.catalog.showControls if the Public Class page should display the number of available seats on the class or not.No

Managing the Wait List

On every Public Class, there is a Wait List section which allows you to manage the list of contacts on the Wait List.

Note: The "Wait List" listing will always be flushed as soon as there is an available seat on the Public Class and the "Available Seat Email" has been successfully sent out from Learndot.
For Example, at the moment there is a Public Class with Capacity 15 and it has already got 15 Enrollments enrolled into it. We have then 7 Contacts who were interested in the event and added themselves into the "Wait List". As soon as there is a Capacity on the Public Class either by an existing enrollment Cancellation or updating the Capacity to a bigger number, the "Available Seat Email" will be sent out and the "Wait List" segment will be emptied.

Add a person to the Wait List

You can add new people to the Wait List by:

  • Clicking on the New button

  • Filling in learners details, fill either the Existing Contact section OR the New Contact section (in the case that both are filled, the Existing Contact will be added to the Wait List)

Remove a person from the Wait List

You can remove people from the Wait List by clicking the cross button in the Actions column.

How to move learners from Wait List to be Enrolled to the Event

In order to move the learners who signed up to the Wait List to actually be enrolled to the Event, you need to manually create an Enrollment (and an Order Line and Order, if your training is paid). Find out more about how to create orders at Orders.

To create the new enrollments manually, open the Event page, scroll down until the "Enrollments" section, and click on "new":

Emails and Staff Notifications

Contact added to the waitlist of an event, will receive two types of emails:

Note: All the email notifications below are currently not editable. They are utilizing the default email notifications tied to Learndot. We are Enhancing the Product from our end and stay tuned to view this space once we have made the improvements in regards to the ability to edit/customize the following email notifications.

Available Seat Email

An email will be sent once a day to all contacts on the Wait List for classes that have seats available:


Alternative Classes Email

An email will be sent on the completion of an event, to inform contacts on the Wait List of other upcoming classes for the same Instructor-Led Training Component:

Wait List Staff Notification

A staff Notification will be sent when a contact is added to the Wait List of a class. 

Note: The email notification below which will be send to Contacts which are subscribed to the it via "Notification Subscription" is not editable.

Staff can subscribe to staff notifications through their profile. Open the Admin contact page in Contacts, click on "Edit", scroll down until you see the "Preferences" section. Go to "Notification Subscriptions" and find the option "Wait List Submission". Select it and save:

To learn more in regards to "Notification Subscriptions", please visit our Notification Subscription walkthrough here.