Purchase Order

Working with Purchase Orders

Both Administrators and Learners play a separate role when it comes to working with Purchase Orders in Learndot. As an Administrator, it is their responsibility to create a Payment Gateway of type Purchase Order and at the same time be responsible for verifying and processing the Purchase Orders. Learners meanwhile can use the Purchase Orders as a mode of payment to purchase classes, ILTs, products, or anything you sell throughout Learndot. Use the guide below to understand how you can make use of Purchase Orders in your organization. 

As an Administrator

In Learndot, it is your responsibility to set up Purchase Orders under Payment Gateways as well as processing the Purchase Orders once they are received in Learndot and verified by yourself. 

Setting up Purchase Orders

First of all, as the Learndot Administrator, you will need to configure a new Payment Gateway from the Administrator interface by navigating to:

  • Navigate to System > Payments> Payment Gateways
  • Click on Add new Payment Gateway

  • Select Purchase Orders from the drop-down menu 
  • Press Next

  • Give your Purchase Order a name
  • Press save. For illustration purposes, let's call it "Bill me later"

Use the Purchase order name to identify itself during check-out

That's all, a new Payment Gateway of type Purchase Order has been added.

Verifying Purchase Order Payments

As an Administrator, you will also have to verify the purchase order after the learner has submitted the order. After you have verified the Purchase Order is complete, you can proceed to change the status of the Purchase Order Payments to allow the Learner to view their purchases. Navigate to the Administrator interface:

  • Navigate to Payments > Purchase Order Payments
  • Locate the Payment > click the Edit Icon

  • Change the Payment Status from New to Processed after verifying the authenticity of the Purchase Order.
  • Press save

  • That's all, the payment status of the submitted Purchase Order was successfully changed. 

  • A confirmation message will be sent to the Leaner. And the purchase will be available for access to the Learner. 

As a Learner

In Learndot, you can use Purchase Orders as a mode of payment if it is setup and allowed by your organization. 

If you use Purchase Order as the mode of Payment, you will see your purchase in the learner dashboard, however you will NOT have access to your purchase until it has been verified by your Learndot Administrator.

Using Purchase Orders as a mode of Payment

As a Learner, you can use Purchase Orders as a mode of payment for your purchases. All you have to do is, enter the purchase order number into the final check-out screen. For instance, after selecting and adding an item into your cart for purchase:

  • During the Shipping and billing details, make sure to enter all required fields and select the Payment type as Purchase Order

The Purchase Order is referenced by it's name. For illustration purposes the Purchase Order is called, "Bill me later".

  • Proceed to agree with the Terms and Conditions and press Confirm Order

  • A confirmation message will be shown and your order will be processed

  • The learner will receive an email which can be found in their Learner inbox and at the same time, an email will also be sent to their registered email address(es)

  • At the same time, the purchase will be added to their learner dashboard, however the enrollment status for the Learning Component will be set as "Tentative", until your Learndot Administrator changes the status to "Processed".

After Purchase Orders have been accepted

Once your Administrator has checked and approved your Purchase Order, as a Learner you will receive another email stating that the purchase is now available. Another email will also be sent to your registered email address.

  • At the same time, the enrollment status for the purchase will change from "Tentative" to "Confirmed", and you will be allowed to access your purchase via their learner dashboard.