Stream Posts are blog like feature that are posted to the landing page.


The Stream functionality in Learndot offers the ability to access public training materials to all visitors. The purpose of this feature is allowing students and people interested in a specific field to share their thoughts, questions and comments. The content is typically generated to align with courses that are offered by your company. So that, students get a wider view on how can the training benefit them and the areas it covers.


an assigned key word(s) for a stream post(s), which provides a way of grouping posts into related categories. On the admin side this is also a knowledge category.
Stream Postthe blog like feature posted to the landing page
Child Posta child of the parent post which establishes a hierarchy of posts
Permissionsan admin has create, edit, delete and view access to all objects pertaining to a Stream. Enable stream post author for creation of posts
Commentanonymous user can view comments. A registered Learndot Enterprise user can create comments on a post. An admin can monitor stream comments
Landing pagea paginated list of stream posts ordered by posting date descending gives the ability to view the metadata content of posts recently submitted to the stream
RSSsubscribe to an RSS feed of the authors content, to keep up to date with new posts from any author


An administrator must enable a contact in Learndot Enterprise as a Stream Post Author. The contact will now be able to post materials to the Stream landing page. 

Disabling comments on Stream Posts

As an administrator, you can configure whether the Stream Posts allow any comments to be added or not. Commenting on Stream Posts is enabled by default, however, if you wish to disable the comment functionality, follow the steps below:

  • Log in as an Administrator
  • Navigate to System > Look and Feel > Skin
  • Add the CSS code below into the Inline CSS portion
.stream-post-comment {


  • Press Save

This will disable the comments for ALL Stream Posts. Any comments on existing Stream Posts will be hidden as well.


All Stream Posts allow commenting

Commenting is disabled

Pro Tip

Save Stream posts in the edit screen before you publicize it to the landing page.