Entity Web Fields


All entities with a website view will include a common set of fields when editing them via the administration dashboard. These are outlined below.

URL Path

Entity URL in front end are usually left blank where it is autogenerated by the system. Manual specification of URL is also possible. 

URL path must be unique. If a URL path is already used by another entity, the system will provide an error prompt. 


Entity visibility can be set to the following options.


Default status, indicates the entity is available via URL and linked to on the website interface.


Indicates the entity has been created for a specific purpose or audience. The entity is available via URL but not linked to on the website. This allows you to provide a private link to a component which won't be discovered through just navigating the web interface.


Indicates the entity is only for contacts who have signed in. The entity is available via URL and linked to on the website if the contact is authenticated.


Indicates the entity has been replaced.

Order Number

Entity order number allows for entities to be ordered as desired on the front end. For example, one might want a specific /wiki/spaces/TR/pages/33095843 to appear at the top of Instructor Led Training Courses page to get the most attention. 

Higher valued order number will appear lower on the list. For entities with same order number, order ID will be used instead to determine their orders.