Reordering Entities

Learndot entities can be manually reordered to control their positing on the public site by using the Reorder function from entity search screens.


Some entities (such as Products, Courses, Events, etc.) can be manually reordered to change their position on the website by using the REORDER function on Learndot search interface. This feature is for you to order your entities in the way that you desire. this tutorial is step by step guide on how to achieve that. 

Reordering Entities

To update the website order of an entity:

  • Log into the Admin Dashboard and select the type of entities you wish to reorder (eg. User wants to reorder Product Categories so browse to Catalog > Product Categories)
  • A list of entities will display on the screen related to your choice. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the Search button on the top far right hand side of the screen
  • Select Reorder

  • The Reorder page will appear with a list of items. The order the items are within the list is the order in which they will appear on the front-end to users. To reorder the items, simply drag and drop the items to the appropriate spots on the list

  • Once you have finished ordering click on the Reorder button to apply your changes. Items will now appear on the front-end of Learndot in that order