Learndot provides the ability to display the most relevant courses and events to the customers sorted by their geographical location. This means events a customer is more likely to take are highlighted in your catalog. 

What is Geo-Awareness?

Geo-Awareness is a feature in Learndot which displays the most relevant course and events to customers based of their geographical location. If customer address details exist or are provided within the customer records, they are used to determine the closest courses and events to the customer.  If these details don't exist Learndot will use the customer's IP address in real-time and lookup the geographical information of that IP address to determine the customers location. 

Geo-Awareness is integrated with two options, Google API which uses the Google Maps Geocoding API and MaxMind which is a Premium GeoIP Web Services subscription. Learndot allows you to use either one, depending on your preference. 

There are two ways Geo-Awareness can be taken advantage of:

  1. Learndot will reorder courses and events listing geographically closest courses first, so that potential customers see the most likely class location at the top of the class list.
  2. A Featured Class box that displays a class geographically closest to the location of the site visitor, immediately drawing attention to the most relevant class. 

Each Learndot instance's theme layout may still need to be updated to take advantage of this feature. Please contact Learndot Support to request assistance.

The following system settings are related to Geo-Awareness:

geospatial.awareness.enabled(tick)Enable Geo-Awareness across front-end site.
  • Checked Yes - Enabled
  • Checked No - Inactive
Consider Contacts address instead of their IP if possible when GeoAwarenes features are enabled.
  • Checked Yes - Enabled
  • Checked No - Inactive

License Key for MaxMind GeoIP Web Services subscription.
Key for Google Maps Geocoding API

Please refer to Enable Geo-Awareness on how to setup Geo-Awareness for Learndot.

Use Contact Address with Geo-Awareness

Geo-Awareness can use the Contacts address instead of their IP address when trying to determine their geographical location. If "geospatial.awareness.useContactAddress.enabled" is set to true, upon the Contacts login, the Contacts profile address location will be used instead of their IP address.

 If the user logs out, the connection IP address will be used instead.

Maxmind GeoIP Web Services with Geo-Awareness

MaxMind is a Premium GeoIP Web Services subscription which can also be used with Geo-Awareness in Learndot. If you have a Licence to MaxMind you can enable and utilise MaxMind instead of the default IP lookup mechanism built into Learndot. MaxMind's GeoIP offers up-to-date IP lookup at all times, while Learndot's lookup database are updated on a bi-monthly basis. 

If interested, it is recommended GeoIP2 Precision City/ISP/Organization Web Service be chosen as license tier of choice as it has the right balance of accuracy and costs. 

Please refer to Enable Geo-Awareness on how to setup Maxmind GeoIP Web services.

Google API with Geo-Awareness

We use Google Maps Geocoding API since it allows converting addresses (like a street address) into geographic coordinates (like latitude and longitude) and vice versa, which helps to display the most fitting course and events to customers based of their geographical location. However, the Google Maps Geocoding API limits the amount of calls to 2500 requests per day that can be made for free, if this fits your needs then there is no further action required. But, if you want to make more calls than the standard supported amount, proceed to purchase a Premium key and monitor its usage.

In case you decided to use your own Premium Key, a new system setting has been included which can be used by the customers to manage their own Google account. The system setting is called, this saves the API Key of the account which manages the Google maps calls that Learndot makes each time the Geo-Awareness feature is required. 

You must have Administrative privileges before you can continue;

  • Login to Learndot as an Administrator
  • Navigate to System > SetupSystem Settings 
  • Using the search bar, search for ""

  • Click the Edit icon

  • Enter the following details, with the exception of value which must be filled with customer's own API KEY.

  • Click Save

This will redirect traffic of the calls to the customer's Google account. In the event the account is not properly set by the customer, then Learndot will fallback to the standard free account, with the limit of 2500 calls per day. Calls made beyond this limit will not return expected geo-aware locations.