One of the challenges that every training department eventually faces is the need to report performance. Learndot Enterprise includes reports that address all of the key operational aspects of the business, including course, location and trainer performance. You can also export report results in XML, CSV and Excel formats



Distribution Reports

Sales Distribution Report

The Sales Distribution Report shows the relationship of Order Lines based on configurable groupings. Groupings can include customer location, event instructor, knowledge category, etc. Order lines are represented based on units sold and revenue. Each currency is displayed on a separate graph and can be controlled by the currency drop down.

Trend Reports

Sales Trend Report

The Sales Trend Report shows Order Lines by created date in revenue and units sold. Order lines in different currencies are shown separately and can be controlled by the currency drop down.

Enrollments Trend Report

The enrollments trend report shows registrations by created date. It can be configured to display as a line or column chart.

Tabular Reports (Views)

Tabular Reports (or views) are complex, exportable, table-based reports. They provide greater insight into the relationship between Learndot Enterprise entities on top of what is already available from using Learndot Enterprise's advanced search feature.

The following table provides a brief summary of views currently available (and coming soon) in Learndot Enterprise.

RegistrationsRegistration report showing participant details with class and price information.
Upcoming ClassesShows all upcoming public course events, which are open for public registration. For each event the number of non-cancelled enrolments (registrations) is shown.
Daily EnrollmentsShows new enrollments within the last 24 hours. Scheduled export as CSV file.
Average Student ScoreAverage student evaluation score per course.
InstructorsList of courses taught, who the instructor was and how many times they taught the course.
Revenue by CourseTotal revenue broken by course and summed up.
Weekly Revenue ReportRevenue generated in the last week by all Products and Learning Components.
Weekly Discount ReportDiscounts applied in the last week.
Revenue by Provider and CourseList of all providers with classes taught, total number of course events, number of attendees and revenue.
Revenue by ProviderOverall revenue by provider.
Instructor SkillsList of all instructors with their approved skills (knowledge categories).
Learning Component Enrollments by StatusLearning components with associated enrolment statuses


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