Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart allows customers to purchase training content and register for events. It is the core of the Learndot Enterprise ecommerce platform.


Learndot Administrators or Contacts with appropriate Staff Roles & Permissions can configure the Learndot shopping cart in an advanced manner in order to request only those details that matter to them the most. The configuration screen is found under:

  • System > Payments →  Checkout:

  • Use it to modify the checkout flow style, and options which include required fields, privacy policy, location and others.

Checkout Flow

The first option from the configuration screen above is the Checkout Flow. What is a checkout flow? This is journey that the Learner (purchaser) has to go through during checkout process. Learndot offers two checkout flow types:

  1. A 5-step checkout that guides customers through separate steps for collecting shipping and billing information.
  2. A 4-step checkout that combines shipping and billing information for a more streamlined experience.

Select which flow you would like to use.

Checkout Options

Next, are the checkout options itself, which allow the Administrator further configurability of their checkout process. As the Administrator, you can enable fields to collect additional information during checkout, or disable them for a faster checkout experience.

  • Toggle any switches to On/Off depending on your needs. Turning it ON will put the options or required fields into effect. Turning it OFF will no longer show the required fields or make the settings be respected.

Configure Free Checkout

As an Administrator or a contact with appropriate Staff Roles & Permissions, you can allow your Learners to skip the checkout process if the learning component or content is priced at zero value. To enable free checkout, the component MUST be free or cost nothing. Follow the steps below:

  • Under checkout options > Skip Checkout For Free Content is disabled by default
  • Toggle the switch to turn it ON


After turning ON the free checkout option:

  • If the Learner is logged in: they can directly click Start from the public catalog page and be redirected to their Learner Interface.
  • If the Learner is not logged in: they will be redirected to the login page where they can log in or create a new account and then be redirected to their Learner Interface.

Both ways, the Learner will still skip the checkout process. Take note though, a Learndot Order will still be created with an added comment of "Checkout process was skipped when creating this order and no order email was sent to the Learner. The registration email was sent as usual" however details of the order will not be sent by email. Meanwhile, registration emails will be sent as usual 

  • You have successfully enabled Free checkout
  • To disable free checkout, simply toggle the switch back to OFF

Checkout as a Learner

As a Learner, depending on the configuration set by your Administrator, you may or may not be able to skip the checkout process in order to consume the content immediately. 

Checkout when Free checkout is Enabled

As a Learner, you can skip the whole checkout journey and immediately begin to consume the content when your Administrator has enabled the free checkout option. Here is an example of how it would work:

  • Pick a free learning component

  • If you NOT logged in, you will be requested to login first, in order to associate the component to your account (enroll you). The page will refresh and bring you directly to the learning component

A registration email will also be sent to your Learner Inbox and your registered email address. Example:

  • You can start to consume the learning component
  • The next time you find yourself in the Public catalog, you will have a Resume button for the free component, which you can click to take you directly to the learning material

Purchasing from Catalog and Checkout Process

As a Learner, when you are browsing through the public catalog, you may notice some content that are paid-for or free. If the Administrator did NOT enable the Skip Checkout For Free Content you will have to go through the check-out process. For instance:

  • Select any paid or free content. For illustration purposes, we have selected a paid content

  • Proceed to purchase and add this to cart

  • Follow through the checkout process completing each step of the flow by providing mandatory information requested in order to fulfill the order

  • Review the details of your order

  • The confirmation screen will confirm your payment for your order

  • At this point, the content availability is dependent on your mode of payment. If you used credit cards or other "instant" mode of payments, your content will be available immediately in your learner dashboard. Else, if you have used a Purchase Order or any other methods that require Administrator verification, the content will only be available in your learner dashboard after the Administrator has verified your order. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I configure the cart expiry duration?

By default, class registrations will expire after 15 minutes. To configure this period, create a System Setting with following values, if it does not exist already:


Any numbered value. e.g. 20 (for 20 minutes)

It is recommended to set checkout expiry duration to at least 15 minutes

To configure for items such as Products or Learning Components, create a System Setting with following values, if it does not exist already:


Any numbered value. e.g. 20 (for 20 minutes)

It is recommended to set checkout expiry duration to at least 15 minutes

Can I pre-fill a shopping cart through a URL link?

If you would like to pre-fill a cart and then share it with a customer use the following syntax to build the url:

Example 1: Pathway

Example 2: Product  

Example 3: Course

Configure the Learndot Enterprise shopping cart in the administration by navigating to System > Payments > Checkout.