Configuring Stripe Payments (Automatically with Connect)


The following tutorial will guide you through configuring as a Payment Gateway in Learndot. It assumes you have an existing Stripe account. If not you can refer to the documentation here. You can also find more information about Stripe at 

Create a new Payment Gateway

  • Login to Learndot as an Administrator
  • Navigate to the Payment Gateways configuration screen, System > Payments > Payments Gateways
  • Click the "Add New Payment Gateway" button

  • Select Stripe Connect as your Payment Type

  • Press Next
  • Enter the NAME for the new gateway. This will be presented to customers as a payment option when completing checkout

A good default value is – Credit Card

  • You will be returned to the payment gateways configuration screen.

Configure the Gateway

  • Click on the View icon next to your new gateway

  • Click on the "Connect with Stripe" button

  • You will then be taken to the Stripe website to complete the configuration. Following these instruction will connect your Stripe account with Learndot and allow you accept payments

Once connected, Learndot Enterprise will configure all required settings automatically.

Test Transactions

You're all set! Its worth running a test transaction to make sure everything is in order. For more information on Learndot Enterprises Ecommerce engine see – Ecommerce

Having trouble configuring the gateway? Contact our Learndot Support team or try the manual method – Configure Stripe Payments (Manual Method)

Already have an existing Stripe payment gateway configured? Follow Migrate to Stripe Connect