Learner Dashboard

The learner dashboard is accessible to users who have logged into Learndot and provides access to current and recently completed training content.

Accessing the Dashboard

Contacts access their learner dashboard by providing their login details. On successful authentication, users are automatically taken to the dashboard. The dashboard can also be accessed by clicking the My Account link from the website interface.

Cards & Lists

Available and recently completed training content is displayed in one of two views. The card view displays training content as large graphical blocks, while the list view is useful for contacts with many enrollments.

Contacts can toggle between the two views using the available controls. By default, the card view is displayed.

Entity Names

Learndot Entities may appear with different names to those used in the administration. This is to provide an intuitive user experience for contacts and is summarised by the following table.

Entity (as seen in the Admin)Displays (as seen on the Dashboard)
Content ComponentDownload
Public Class (physical location)Public Class
Public Class (online location)Virtual Class
EngagementPrivate Class
eLearningVideo/SCORM package
CourseCourse (bundle of content)
PathwayPathway (bundle of content/Courses)

My Learning

They can be displayed in Card view, as large graphical blocks, or in a list view which can be useful for contacts with many enrollments. Contacts can toggle between the two views using the available controls. By default, the card view is displayed.

Learners can filter the cards by the status of the enrollments: Current (Tentative, Confirmed, and In progress), Completed, Failed, Missed, and All. Also, the Learner can search a specific card using the current filter by using the search bar. 


The search bar will only match and display related card titles.


An area for Contacts to view & download, any Awards received while completing Learning Components. Contacts can earn three types of Awards:

Proof of Completion

PDFs that document the completion of a Learning Component. Proof of Completion PDFs are only generated if configured.

Proof of Completion's are are viewable on screen as a preview image, and downloadable as a PDF.

For more information see – Proof of Completion


PDF's that represent the successful completion of an exam, test, or other testing delivery method. Certifications are generated from successful completion of an Assessment learning component.

Learndot Enterprise can import, store, share, and manage such certifications.

For more information see – Certifications