Configurable Logos


The new Logo Configuration screen gives Administrators the ability to easily change the default logos for a number of Learning Components within Learndot. Images can be either uploaded already on Learndot Enterprise or can be assigned from an external URL as the default logo for these entities.

Logo Configurations

Logo configurations allow you to specify the default logos, both globally and for each supported type of item in the website. These will be used for any item which does not have a custom logo specified.

To configure logos:

  • Login as an Administrator
  • Navigate to System > Look and Feel > Logos and Banners
  • Click Update

The update button on the top right of the logo configurations screen, as shown in the screenshot below.

The next screen will allow you to specify an external URL or, use images previously uploaded.

  • Type or copy and paste in the desired URL when using an external image

When using an external image make sure it is uploaded somewhere that will not change.  If the image is on a public site and it gets removed, the link will no longer have a referenceable image)

  • Click Select on the logo you want to change to use images previously uploaded

  • A pop up window appears.
  • Navigate and select the respective file, by clicking on the (tick) icon 

  • Finally, save the changes at the bottom of the page.

Pro Tip

The best size image to use are:

Banner: 1200 x 400 px

Logo: 200 x 200 px