Configuring a Learndot Enterprise Domain with SSL


Choosing a Learndot Enterprise domain is required for all new Learndot Enterprise customers. Organising a SSL certificate is required if a custom domain will be used to provide security for your customers.

Choosing a Learndot Enterprise Domain (URL)

For added security, we require using a SSL certificate to protect your customers data when they purchase training, entering passwords and personal details. This allows your customers to safely browse and purchase training through your Learndot Enterprise.

For Starter and Standard plans Learndot Enterprise is setup with a URL on the domain. This is typically in the format HTTP://EXAMPLE.LEARNDOT.COM

For Professional and Enterprise plans you may want to configure your own domain. The following table explains the options available.








Context Path


To setup Learndot Enterprise on your chosen domain you will need to:

  • Configure a CNAME in your DNS records to point at the domain provided to you. This is typically in the format - http://<your_company_name> Once the CNAME has been created it may take up to 72 hours for the change to take affect and have Learndot Enterprise become available on your domain.

You will not be able to fully utilize Learndot Enterprise on your own domain until an SSL certificate has been provided - see below. 

Organizing an SSL Certificate

To provide security to your customers, Learndot Enterprise requires the use of HTTPS (or HTTP over SSL/TLS) on certain pages that collect sensitive information (e.g. passwords, credit card information, personal details, etc.).

  • To integrate Learndot Enterprise with SSL/TLS, we need an SSL/TLS certificate:

In order to obtain a certificate, certification authorities (CA's) need to verify your identity (see below), so certain parts of this process require your involvement.

The following outlines the general steps in the process. Alternatively, you can have ServiceRocket order the certificate on your behalf for a fee.




Provide CSR Details


You supply us with the information necessary for us to create a certificate signing request (CSR):

  1. The 2-letter country code of where your organization is registered (e.g. 'US' for the United States)
  2. The state or province name of where your organization is registered (full name - e.g. 'California')
  3. The city of where your organization is registered (e.g. 'San Francisco')
  4. The name of your organization (e.g. 'ServiceRocket')
  5. The name of your organizational unit that is responsible for your site (e.g. 'Web')
  6. The name of your web site (e.g. ''). It is imperative that you choose your name wisely since changing it requires a whole new certificate. Specifically, you need to decide whether you prefer '' or '' as the site name. Both will work, but one will be preferred.

Generate CSR


We generate a CSR (based on your site's private public key and the information you provided in the previous step) and send it to you.

Select CA


You select a certificate authority (CA) that will issue you an SSL certificate. The following are some of the more popular CAs:

Purchase SSL Certificate

ServiceRocket & You

You purchase an SSL certificate through the CA that you selected. They will ask you for the following information:

  1. Your name (including the name of the company)
  2. CSR (the one we provided you with. Make sure that you copy-and-paste it in its entirety where prompted)
  3. If you are creating an intranet certificate (say 'No')
  4. If you need additional licenses (say 'No')
  5. What kind of web server software your site will use (say 'ModSSL' or if that's not an option, say 'Apache')
  6. Your corporate email address. Enter the same address as you provided us when we generated your CSR.
  7. Your credit card number.

Provide SSL Certificate

ServiceRocket & You

You provide us with your newly issued SSL certificate - your CA will provide you with the instructions on how to obtain/download your certificate.

Install SSL Certificate


We configure and enable your site for SSL.


ServiceRocket can purchase a new SSL certificate or provide the CSR necessary for you to purchase a certificate yourself. In either event, the certificate authority (CA) will typically need to contact you for validation purposes.