E-learning component re-attempt

When you are creating or editing an e-LearningComponent, Learndot Enterprise allows you to define the maximum number of times someone can attempt a specific e-LearningComponent.

  1. Specify the number of attempts for each e-LearningComponent

After completing an e-LearningComponent you may re-attempt it until all the attempts have been used, see the following steps:

  1. In history section you are going to see the number of remaining available attempts for each e-LearningComponent
  2. Click on re-attempt button for a specific e-LearningComponent.
  3. A new attempt is created for the e-LearningComponent. 
  4. The e-LearningComponent should re-appear in your activity section. Now you are able to launch the content
  5. You can check the number of attempts on My Activity > Show All Attempts

  6. Once you have exhausted the remaining attempts you will not longer see the re-attempt button