Using Google Maps app you'll be able to displays embedded interactive maps for addresses within the application, for instance to visualize the location of an Instructor Led Training.

Steps To Setup A Google Public API Browser Key

In order to enable an interactive google map for Learndot Enterprise, you will need to enable the Google Embed Map API, and generate an API key to use it.

Step 1 - Enable Embed Map API:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select your project. If you need to create one, follow instructions from Google 
  3. Navigate to APIs.
  4. Click on Google Maps Embed API
  5. Click on Enable

Step 2 - Generate Key

  1. Go to APIs & auth > Credentials
  2. Under Public API access, click on Create New Key
  3. Select "Browser Key"
  4. The field for "url referers" is where you put URL pattern of website that you will allow to call the google maps API (web sites).
    Example: if your Learndot Enterprise instance runs on, you can put * (It allows you to include all subdomains)
  5. Save and copy your new API key (you will use it to setup Google Maps integration in Learndot Enterprise)

Configure Embedded Google Maps 

In order to integrate Google Maps in Learndot Enterprise, you need to create a new system setting

To proceed:

  1. Login as administrator to your Learndot Enterprise instance
  2. Navigate to /admin/system_setting/search.html
  3. Click on the New button to start creating a new system setting
  4. Fill the form with values below:
    1. Enabled: YES
    2. Name:
    3. Type: String
    4. Value: <API key generated from Google Developer Console>
    5. Description: <give an explicit description that will help you remind what this system setting is for>
    6. Click on Save