Accounts (Organizations)


Accounts in Learndot Enterprise represent organizations. They are primarily used as a grouping mechanism for contacts. Viewing an organization entity allows you to see all the ContactsOrdersCourse Testimonials and Talent Placements that are associated with that organization.



The main section contains the essential identifying information for an account. The only essential fields that must be filled in manually to create a bare-minimum account exist in this section.

ContactsThe contacts section lists all users that are of the organization.
OpportunitiesOpportunities section shows all Training and Talent Placements in which the customers are from the organization.
OrdersOrders section lists out all orders that has been placed by contacts from the organization.
Course TestimonialsCourse Testimonial section shows Course Testimonials provided by contacts of the organization.
Talent PlacementsThis section shows all Talent Placements in which the organization is a customer of.
CommentsShows all Comments to this organization.
HistoryDisplays account entity system information such as creation and modification time, etc.

Account Fields

NameThe name of the organization.
PhoneThe organization's phone number.
FaxThe organization's fax number.
URLThe website for the organization.
AddressThe physical location of the organization.
LogoThe logo of the organization.
Tax IDThe tax ID of the organization.
NotesAny notes about the organization. This field is private for staff members.




Standard OperationsThe organization entity supports all of the Entity Actions.