Creating and Using Coupons


As a Learning component provider, you may want to make discounts for on your products and/or other learning component or provide a special group of customers with coupons. The main difference between coupons and discounts is that, coupons are only available to a customer who has been provided with a coupon code. whereas discounts are automatically granted to all customers who make a purchase that matches the restrictions. In this tutorial will illustrate on how to create coupons in Learndot.

Creating Coupon Codes

  • Login to the Admin Dashboard
  • Navigate to Payments > Discounts > Coupons / Rules 
  • Click on New

  • Fill in the Form details below - See Discount Rules (Coupons / Rules) for more information on coupon and field types.

  • Once Complete click on Save.

Using Coupon Codes

Once the Coupon / Rule has been setup and enabled it can be used with purchases through the Shopping Cart:

  • Select the items you wish to purchase and click on your Shopping Cart
  • Enter in the Coupon Code and Click on Add Coupon

  • The Coupon Discount is then applied to the items in the Shopping Cart and the Total Price is updated.
  • The Checkout process can then proceed and continue with the transaction.

For coupons or rules using a specific email address as reference the contact needs to have his email address verified for the discount to work.

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